Why are you an escort?

Driven by a desire for the unknown and a need for some spending money, I started working for agencies during my undergraduate degree. I quickly discovered that I’m naturally gifted to give myself to sensual encounters. To the surprise of the agencies I worked for, the clientele and myself, behind my image of a sweet and innocent girl a bit overwhelmed by the big city, my capacity to please in the erotic terrain and to let my imagination melt with a stranger’s body seemed to be infinite. But working for agencies was removing my personality, not allowing me to express my own sexual and personal identity. Next I tried the Sugar Dating scene but the arrangements tended to fall into conventions that didn’t let me feel spontaneous. I find sex work brutally honest, and the Sugar Dating scene felt overtly hypocritical. And, I won’t deny that escorting gives me the kick of facing a slightly unsettling truth.

During these years of exploration of this demimonde, I’ve become involved in activism for sex workers rights, and, more generally, in sex-positive feminism. I’ve met fascinating beings (sex workers are the real unicorns, seriously). I’ve read and learned about sex work and my place in it. I’ve matured my ‘sexual identity’, and, I’ve become well-equipped to handle the mission of ‘giving pleasure to others’ to the best of my ability. My journey through illicit encounters has definitively shaped my sense of self. I’m no longer the innocent girl who tried out escorting, part excited, part terrified; to explore transgressive waters and as a temporary fix to get by in the unaffordable city.

And so I decided, with a few years of confidence growing under my belt, that it was time to build my own profile and to start out as an independent escort. Now with a more mature knowledge about the underlying rationale of sex work and the sex work industry, and wiser than when I started out as an escort during my undergraduate days, I have the right sensibility to do what I do best: to give myself to transient scenes of pleasure.

Thus, while I am aiming towards my very ambitious academic goals, illicit encounters satiate my thirst for transgression, psychologically thrilling experiences, and sense-awakening sex. And as a young woman living in a foreign country and pursuing a very stoic professional target, this ‘parttime hobby’ allows me to enjoy the finest things in life, and makes me feel capable.


Will you take my privacy seriously?

Your privacy is as important for me as my own. I’m the only person who has access to my email and social media accounts. I don’t have an assistant.

I use ProtonMail, an encrypted email provider that secures emails with end-to-end encryption. This means that no one can decrypt and read the mails. If you are worried about hackers, I encourage you to use a ProtonMail account or Telegram (an app similar to Whatsapp) to communicate with me. 


Can we correspond by email in advance? 

I find that exchanging emails can help anticipate our date. However, only a physical encounter can help us to make sense of each other.

If I find that I’m under the impression that you are in need of a sex-line, I will direct you to the right providers, as I’m afraid that I’m not the right professional to offer services related to virtual arousal. 


Do you look like your photos?

My professional pictures have minimal editing. You can also check my Instagram account for a collection of selfies. 


What about sexual health?

Sexual health is my first priority.

Even though I only practice 100% protected sex, I get tested every three months at a sexual health clinic for sex workers. I always ask them a bunch of questions to continue learning about this important issue. You should take care of yourself too: get yourself tested regularly and educate yourself about risky practices. 



Unfortunately not. My privacy is very important for me for very specific reasons, and my face will remain a mystery until we meet.



That would be awesome! though I would prefer you to ask me first and to avoid vulgar language, or disclosing details that could compromise my privacy.