While was aiming towards my very ambitious academic goals, illicit encounters satiated my thirst for transgression, psychologically thrilling experiences, and sense-awakening sips. And as a young woman living in a foreign country and pursuing a very stoic professional target, this ‘parttime hobby’ allowed me to enjoy the finest things in life, and made me feel capable. Now, as an early career researcher, the need for hedonism and discovering new worlds outside of academia still triggers my insatiable curiosity.


Will you take my privacy seriously?

Your privacy is as important for me as my own. I’m the only person who has access to my email and social media accounts. I don’t have an assistant.

I use ProtonMail, an encrypted email provider that secures emails with end-to-end encryption. This means that no one can decrypt and read the mails. If you are worried about hackers, I encourage you to use a ProtonMail account or Telegram (an app similar to Whatsapp) to communicate with me. 


Can we correspond by email in advance? 

I find that exchanging emails can help anticipate our date. However, only a physical encounter can help us to make sense of each other.

If I find that I’m under the impression that you are in need of a sex-line, I will direct you to the right providers, as I’m afraid that I’m not the right professional to offer services related to virtual arousal. 


Do you look like your photos?

My professional pictures have minimal editing. You can also check my Instagram account for a collection of selfies. 


What about health?

Health is my first priority.

Even though I only practice 100% protected, I get tested every three months. I always ask them a bunch of questions to continue learning about this important issue. You should take care of yourself too: get yourself tested regularly and educate yourself about risky practices. 



Unfortunately not. My privacy is very important for me for very specific reasons, and my face will remain a mystery until we meet.



That would be awesome! though I would prefer you to ask me first and to avoid vulgar language, or disclosing details that could compromise my privacy.