An encounter

When you meet me, you meet the real me, sensual, warm and engaging. A ‘girlfriend’ if you like: a genuine sensual encounter in which the chemistry will unfold spontaneously… never-ending tenderness and passion that will shake our basic instincts…

Perhaps our date would be better defined as a ‘meeting of lovers’. ‘Lover’, as old-fashioned as it sounds, resonates better than ‘girlfriend’ with the idea of generating intimate scenes, outside of the normative space of relationships. Which, I believe, is where the magic happens.

Perhaps we could start out with delicious vanilla and see if we have the chemical potential to take it from there towards a rather more kinky encounter next time.

Multi-lady Fun

I’m unashamedly bisexual.

I adore multi-lady fun. Threesomes are among my well-documented fantasies. In a monogamy-centric society, the idea of having more than one partner in my bed feels erotic to me, from a ‘oh! … this is blowing my mind’ perspective.

I have very specific ideas in mind of whom I’d like to meet: maybe you can help me to make my dream come true. If you prefer, you can bring your partner at no additional cost (if she is a self-defined woman, and if I can verify her full consent).