I find it’s important to set an optimistic tone in our first date. If you follow me on these, we are already on the way of a successful encounter:

- If you feel nervous, no worries at all! Very soon you won’t be. This is absolutely up to you but a small gift (i.e. something silly) might help us to break the ice with a smile.

- Hand in the envelope with the fee during the first 10 minutes of the encounter. If we are in a public space, do it discreetly. For instance, place the envelope or the cash inside a book, a postcard or a magazine.

- My fee is for my time. If we meet for drinks before heading to ‘boudoir time’ it counts as part of the time within the type of date agreed. 

- Don’t sneak around to extend the date without offering to compensate me accordingly.

- Please, don’t be pushy, if I say ‘no’ to something once, I really mean it.

- I hate having to be confrontational so, please, don’t try to bypass my rules and poop the party.

And, let me know if there's anything I could do for our date to run smoothly. It's 2017, and, I believe that inter-gender fluid communication is key for exuberant 'modern dates'.